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Balvig / Bülow / Christensen

The trio started as project band to explore jazz and improvisation, yet soon they were ready with a debut album full of creative compositions, strong interplay and a unique band sound.

Their first album 'Associated with Water' (2017) is an album made with a highly compositional approach that aims to float seemingly from jazz to classical to folk. It contains emotional impressionistic passages followed by groovy balkan bass-lines, modern jazz themes and Chopin-like rubato “islands”. 

The trio has a collective vision, combining three individual artists and composers.

"Frederik Bülow on the drums is the anchor of the trio with the most energetic and interactive passages to the most intense silences. He is busy on the nordic jazz scene because of his in depth understanding of a wide range of music."

To find a new jazz direction; that is the main focus for this trio. To develop new and small “islands” of musical invention and interaction that can enhance our nordic jazz sound. Also, to make poetic and energetic improvisational choices that suit the given composition in a non pretentious way.

Associated with Water was recorded and mixed by Jacob Worm in Finlands studiet, Aarhus, Denmark January/February 2017 


Adrian Christensen




Our first album:

"Associated with water"

Bangin' Bülows Nice Jazz Quartet

Bangin' is a family. 

All four members are from the same village and some have been living together since childhood.

Bangin’ Bülows Nice Jazz Quartet creates music to explore, challenge and renew jazz.
They formed the group in 2012. Since then they have released two albums.

Their debut album led them to win a Danish Music Award (so called Danish Grammy) as 

"The New Danish Jazz Artist 2014"


 In 2016 they recieved an award from the Danish culture fund 'Statens Kunstfond' for their second album.

They have toured in USA, West Africa, Russia and Norway besides several concerts in Denmark.

In 2018 they released their third album 'Let's get weird' in cooperation with Gilad Hekselman as artistic producer.

They are combining jazz, hiphop and afro, creating a new original sound. 












Our second album:

"You're Beautiful, I'm Beautilful,

Let's Have a Beautiful Night"


In 2018 our third album 'Let's get weird' was released!



Fierce hip hop beats and epical synth-harmonies spiced up with breathtaking melodies that solidifies in your mind. Words are unnecessary when Danish band Abekejser invites you into their spacious unique universe, in which you will be able to both dance and disappear into a musical dream.
In the woodlands lives the Emperor Tamarin (Danish: Abekejser) who parties to groovy beats of jazztronica. Abekejser is a new gang of five from the top of the lively musical scene in Aarhus, Denmark.

Together they have created an instrumental portal to an intriguing new universe.

With a background mostly in jazz and World music you might expect a certain sound, but Abekejser has long transcended the fixed templates and thrown the double bass on the fire. What you get is a sound built on strong beats from a combination of electronic drum machine and acoustic drums underneath the big sound of flaming synthesizers and saturated guitar sounds, giving you epical harmonies and captivating melodies. 

 Rasmus Fisker Pedersen - drum machine

Adrian Christensen - synthesizer

Frederik Emil Bülow - drums

Jon Døssing Bendixen - synthesizer

Jeppe Lavsen - electric guitar

Our website:

Listen to the new fourth single

Warden Of The Woods!


JAF Trio is a Finnish-Danish group, founded in 2017. Despite it’s young age the band has become known in the Finnish jazz scene: the group got the

We Jazz Rising Star award in 2017.

JAF Trio’s debut album will be released during 2018.


JAF Trio’s music is composed by each member of the group. The music is very interactive and melodic. In their sound and music there is freedom that gives space for the creativity of each player and brings up everyone’s strengths. The band plays various time signatures with different atmospheres. They get their inspiration from all kinds of music styles.

JAF Trio

Adele Sauros

tenor- and soprano saxophone


double bass

Frederik Bülow




Misceo Sextet

By merging together a Jazz piano trio with duo of Classical string instrumentalists, Misceo represents new directions in music, envisioning to blur existing lines of musical styles within their own original compositions to create music that is out-of-ordinary and truly captivating.

​The project brings together players from three European countries: Finland, Denmark and Poland, featuring:

Jazz Piano Trio:

Frederik Bülow - drums, Adrian Christensen - double bass, Artturi Rönkä - piano


Classical String Duo:

Joasia Cieslak - cello, Kern Westerberg - violin

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