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Misceo builds a bridge between five professional musicians and audience lovers of two different genres - Classical music and Jazz




In fall of 2017, together with Joasia Cieslak - a Classical cellist, Frederik created a band.

We called it Misceo.

We started as a sextet, soon transforming into a quintet.


The idea for creating Misceo came from need of building a bridge between the two Worlds:

we merged a Jazz piano trio with duo of Classical string instrumentalists.


Misceo represents new paths in music, envisioning to blur existing lines of musical styles within

their own original compositions to create music

that is out-of-ordinary and captivating - resonating.


The new project brings together players from three different European countries -

Finland, Poland and Denmark, featuring:


 Jazz Piano Trio: 

Frederik Bülow - drums, Adrian Christensen - double bass, Artturi Rönkä - piano


 Classical String Trio:

Joasia Cieslak - cello, Kern Westerberg - violin


In early 2018 Misceo played a debut concert in Camerata hall of Musiikkitalo in Helsinki, Finland.

In December 2019 we recorded our debut album which is going to be released together with three singles by AMP music&records in May 2020.


Our first album will be titled "Better word for love".

The cover for the album created famous Japanese artist - Yuina Wada


.. is all about                  the borders between Jazz and Classical music



cover of our upcoming CD, painted by Yuina Wada


The review from our concert in Musiikkitalo (FI) in Helsingin Sanomat newspaper:

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