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OUT MAY 29, 2020
 'BEtter word for love'

"His resilient and highly dynamic drumming connects in a new way the Jazz tradition with the light and wild grooves in various meters. There’s polyrhythmic behind it all. He delivers play-technically difficulties, like the most natural thing in the world"



A Danish Jazz drummer.

He gained his Nordic Master in Jazz degree while studying at The Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, The Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm, The Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus and on exchange in The Rotterdam Conservatory.

He won the Danish Music Award in 2014 with his band Bangin’ Bülows Nice Jazz Quartet (BBNJQ) and has toured with this band through Europe, USA, Russia, Guinea and Greenland.

BBNJQ recorded their third album 'Let's get weird' in New York in 2016 which was produced by the Israelic Jazz Star Gilad Hekselman. It is Worldwide released since May 2018.

As of 2015 his Jazztronica Quintet Abekejser has been breaking the border between Jazz and electronic music. They create original, innovative music which speaks to people of all generations. They released four singles and in the fall of 2018 their debut album will be available.

The Jazz Trio Balvig / Bülow / Christensen released in spring 2017 widely acclaimed debut album. The trio is going to record second CD in July 2018 and tour in Japan in the fall.


In 2017 Frederik formed JAF Trio with two of his Finnish friends: Adele Sauros and Joonas Tuuri. In 2017 The WeJazz Festival in Helsinki awarded them title of The Rising Stars.


In 2018 he has written music for his crossover ensemble called Misceo, which is a collaboration between the classical string duo Cieslak/Westerberg and Jazz piano trio Rönkä/Bülow/Christensen.

Frederik's bands:




JAF Trio


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